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Carosella Group is an international organization focused on designing and delivering an outstanding Governance, Risk management and Compliance solution.

Since 1998, we look after our Partners in Europe and US supporting their efforts to improve risk responsiveness, ethics, compliance, and efficiency.

Our work provides companies with the method and technology to improve their risk management and compliance models and, ultimately, foster their ethically responsible attitude.

In effecting our efforts, the main guideline is that every single Partner is the main actor of our work and success, and therefore deserves its own solution. Since the very beginning, we have been keeping this strategic choice in mind.

Thanks to its fully scalable and customizable architecture, our solution fits any business size or industry and any compliance topics to assist users in building and maintaining efficient, cost-effective, proactive, risk resilient, and law-abiding organizations. 

Company profile

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A GRC solution provider

 Carosella Group is an international group of consulting companies specializing in designing and delivering Governance, Risk management and Compliance solutions, all based on a proprietary software framework, and leveraging an innovative and integrated approach.

Our mission

Since the very beginning, our mission is to look after partner companies encouraging their efforts to improve risk responsiveness, compliance, and, ultimately, fostering their growth along with an ethically responsible business conduct.

In effecting such mission, our guideline is to have every single partner feel as being the main actor of our work and success, and therefore deserving its own solution. Since the very beginning, we have been keeping this strategic choice in mind.

Vision and Unique Value Proposition

Our vision is that, pursuing that mission, we will contribute to building a community of users, just like bees in a hive, each benefiting from its own GRC solution and, therefore, all sharing with each other knowledge, experiences, ideas. And success!

The value we keep striving to add comes from maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for the user with: new technological assets, new knowledge, risk reduction, self-sufficiency in facing future commitments in risk management and compliance, immediate as well as lasting savings, secure growth of the organization.

the hive of our bees

Carosella Group

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Just one solution merging regulatory compliance, ethical responsibility, strategic performance management through a BI approach.



The choice to develop our business on three sites spanning both the sides of the Atlantic Ocean allows us to have a global approach to global issues and worries.



Zero is the time most of the tasks of a GRC Model designing process are reduced to; indeed they are the most tedious and time consuming tasks in the process. For our clients, this results in decrease of modeling costs and process duration.

5 simple questions to evaluate the impact of a

GRC solution

on your business


Generally, when planning an investment in a GRC solution, the goals are promptness, efficiency, affordability and Internal Control System enhancement and streamlining.

Which means that everything must be kept under control. Always! Using as least human resources as possible! And just a single investment.

Now, to evaluate how far you can go, start asking yourself these simple questions.

  1. How long does it take to detect risks? And to oversee the obligations many risks are depending on?
  2. Who is in charge for defining the proper risk response? And how is it done?
  3. How many people are in charge with such tasks? And with monitoring them?
  4. How long does it take to detect the most appropriate actions to tackle each risk?
  5. Finally, what happens when a new rule or regulation is issued?

What about answers like these?

  1. Once the process analysis is completed time will be zero! As well as for the obligations!
  2. Based on the risk appetite, risks will be managed automatically!
  3. They are many, probably! Not to talk abot their cost…
  4. Time will be reduced to zero!
  5. Nothing! Nothing will happen! Period! So the investment already done and the know-how already acquired will keep supporting you in dealing with any future rules.
Well, there is a way! There is the solution!

Compliance is quite often mandatory. An integrated GRC solution is the best choice to ease your obligations and, at the same time, ensure you keep on abiding by any regulations. This way you will be avoiding violations, unlawful behaviors, and, mostly, damage to your reputation. You only know how hard it was to build it, don't let just a momentary lapse of control to destroy it all!

Save time - Save money

Our services

Reduce complexity


Our solutions rest upon an original consulting perspective: integrating consulting with our proprietary software, Bee, will additionally lead to defining a Balanced Scorecard Model to verify and monitor the impact of Risk Management and Compliance on the corporate Social Responsibility profile. Therefore not only risk management and regulatory compliance, but also ethics, intergovernmental organizations’ recommendations, social responsibility. And everything is completed by a Strategic Performance analysis model.

Thanks to Bee, the duration of a project, its cost and the engagement required to our clients are drastically decreased.

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    Save Time

    The whole GRC Model designing process demands the client’s organization engagement for a way smaller amount of the time possibly required by similar GRC consulting services. In particular, our software solution, Bee, will complete long and complex operations in the shortest time possible.

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    Save Money

    Scalable and sustainable overall investment, fast achievement of the expected results, low engagement of the client organization's staff, no need to invest in additional solutions for future compliance needs.

    The natural result is a high Return On Investment

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    Reduce Complexity

    With Bee it only takes a click of the mouse to automatically perform tasks that would usually need a long time to be performed (assessment checklists, risk scoring and mapping, corrective action plan and recommendations). Bee provides the user with a simple and durable solution optimizing monitoring, reviews and updates of the GRC Model, while deploying a customized BSC-based Strategic Performance and ROI measurement dashboard.


Carosella Group designs and delivers Bee-based, industry-specialized solutions for Governance, ethics, regulatory compliance, and risk management. We can support you in facing even the most challenging endeavors with our integrated framework.

Below are just some examples of the industries that have been successfully experienced our custom solutions:

  • Industrial & Consumer manufacturing companies

  • Healthcare

  • Gas & Oil

  • Information Technologies

  • Logistics, Warehouse Management, Transportation

  • Construction




Carosella Group was founded in 2008 by Massimo Carosella and Antonio Carosella as a Limited Liability Corporation (C.C.S.- Carosella Corporate Solutions, LLC) based in Wilmington, in the state of Delaware; we also have a South-Midwest address in Texas, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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Massimo Carosella

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Brand Development Manager


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our customized solutions

There is no standard price for our services, because our solutions are customized to satisfy the needs of every different client, but we can guarantee the most competitive costs, and a consequent high Return On Investment.

If you are interested in purchasing our services and want to know the pricing for your needs, or if you just want more information on our consulting services, or on our proprietary software Bee, please contact us using the following form:

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